Thursday, December 29, 2022

Earth Redemption: A new Daydreamer solo rpg volume


Hello to all!

Today I'm proud to present Earth Redemption, the new volume of the Daydreamer series.

Earth Redemption is a solo role-playing game powered by the generic Daydreamer system. I won't go on about Daydreamer and invite you to read the dedicated article here.


What is Earth Redemption?

Earth Redemption is born from an incongruous mix of genres as I like. You will find a lot of references, including Point Break, Dungeons and Dragons but also Metropolis, all through a dystopia to visit. A whole universe in a nutshell.

The action takes place in 2222, on an apocalyptic Earth close to its end. Pollution and overexploitation of the Earth have led to the inversion of the poles, an event that will have dramatic consequences: the eruption of Yellowstone, the detachment of South America... The concept was born from a super-deformed vision of our 2022 and wondering what would happen 200 years later. In short, GAFA has officially taken the power they more or less hold in 2020. From this point of view, the human world is now a huge temple dedicated to consumption. A world that is not very far from reality: there are people who spend a full salary to buy the latest iPhone and who don't even have enough money for a decent house.


The manipulation of the masses

An important theme of the lore is the manipulation of the masses by a small elite. And the subject is very old, Fritz Lang in 1922 made Doctor Mabuse! The increase of the level of education, the access to the mass media did nothing. 100 year later the theme is still relevant!

To illustrate this, the population of 2222 lives in bubble cities, megalopolises surrounded by a protective shield that totally isolates them from an apocalyptic outside world. In Earth Redemption, the tribe is blinded by the illusory comfort of technology. Social classes are determined by the level of consumption of each person. Of course, the important issues are the prerogative of the elites.


The quest for immortality (Dnd in the future!)

It's in this universe that the characters will have to accomplish miracles required for their ascension to the stage of immortality and this, in a limited time since the Earth will soon explode. I think I was too influenced by Dungeon and Dragons, but it seems to me that the part about immortality has been too poorly exploited. So I wanted to talk about it again through something else.
Note that in solo, I played several sessions on the theme of "Kâ's disciples", level 36 characters carrying out missions to save tribes on behalf of the immortal. The rediscovery of the Immortal booklet 30 years later. Because that's what I like about the solo, rediscovering old things but with a new eye.


A world to visit, twists to discover

Earth Redemption invites the player, like Point Break, to reflect on human values, life, and the values of our society. But beyond the philosophical aspect, Earth Redemption is above all a game. As in Point Break, you will be led to launch yourself into absolutely improbable and totally suicidal challenges. And as always, the secret always hides another secret. You will be surprised to see how the plot evolves towards the discovery of the secret, not of immortality, but of the universe.

Earth Redemption on Drivethrurpg

As usual, the preview is available in its entirety, so feel comfortable. For those who would like to support me, don't hesitate either. Finally, I'd like to point out that the printed version is available in soft cover, with a color cover and a black and white interior in 5x8 format. It doesn't look exactly like the mockup of the miniature. I put some pictures below.

Don't hesitate to comment. 


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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Daydreamer Fallen Empires: a solo narrative rpg

Hello to all

Today, I wanted to dream. To think quietly about my adventure, ten minutes in transport, an hour in a boring meeting. That's how Daydreamer was born. Daydreamer is a game specially designed for those who want to dream about their adventures, taking their time and not bothering with complex rules.

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Demi-humans for Dragonbones: The Dwarf

Hello to all !

Today we are talking about dwarfs.

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Hell & Shotguns: a new printed version !

Hello to all,

Today, I present you a finished version of Hell & Shotguns. In this new volume, you will find clearer rules and more than 20 rooms to explore. 

Many of you have been asking for it... here it is!  The book is now available in a printed version.

When a school trip to the museum turns into a zombie nightmare, a timid history teacher turns into a killing machine. 
Will you escape alive from the museum of horror?
Will you save the kids from the school trip? And the beautiful Sophia Shepherd?
Will you put an end to the curse?

Play as Seth Winter and fight for your life in this exciting new volume of Hell&Shotguns!



Fight Death in this exciting roll&write!

3 dice, a pencil and an eraser are all you need to go on a Hell&Shotguns quest.

  • More than twenty rooms to explore
  • Solve puzzles to open doors
  • Collect treasures
  • Get new equipment
  • Solve the scenario
  • and escape from the zone!

hell and shotguns a solo roll and write


Getting out of the cursed temple won't be easy... Some doors are locked! Find the right keys to open them. Other events are also waiting for you to find the right trigger to reveal their mysteries!


Need more? See the full preview! 


The core of the rules is very simple. Each turn, you roll 3 dice that you assign as you wish:

  • the first one is used to advance the monsters in the room
  • the second one allows you to load your abilities
  • the third one represents your movement capability



The power of the monsters increases as time goes by! If you want to complete the game at 100% you will need a dose of luck but also a lot of brain power. Warning: undead are resurrected every time you return to a room



For a better gaming experience, we have prepared a printed version:

  • Softcover (color)
  • Blanc&White interior
  • Size: 5.827" x 8.268" (A5)

book of hell and shotgun

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Demi-humans for Dragonbones: The Elf

Hello to all
Today we are talking about elves.

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Demi-humans for Dragonbones: Preliminary thoughts



Hello everyone,
Today we start a series of articles about half-humans to adapt them to Dragonsbones. 

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Dragonbones: damages disambiguation and alternate system


Hello to all of you
First of all, I would like to thank you for the welcome you have given to Dragonbones!In the game, the rule states that in the case of several attackers, the HP of the monster is evaluated according to the level of the main character