Flash fantasy is a serie of one page choose your own adventure.
Because at LunchBox RPG, our philosophy is to leave great adventure in a minimum of time, flash fantasy series is designed to play at lunch time:
           - Easy to print
           - No dice required
           - Memory friendly designed

Easy to play...

Flash Fantasy's philosophy is to give you the most of fun in a very limited time. So adventures are friendly to play and open ended.

...Trickery to master!

Inspiration for Hallendrow's series comes from Steve Jackson's Sorcery! As a mage, Hallendrow have the ability to cast spells. If you do, with no indication from the current text, the player must refer himself to the spell book to known what happens.

Immersion Advice

Your Imagination is required! Writing a onepage choose your own adventure involve some constraint. The story goes directly to the goal without space for many description.
So, more than a classic choose your own adventure, the player need to use his imagination to visualize scenes. Remember that the budget of your imagination is unlimited, so don't be afraid to see big!

List of adventures

Battle for the Shambad's Talisman

Hallendrow the mage is waiting for your help! In Hallendrow's series, you assume the role of Hallendrow, an adventurer who's looking for the Shambad Talisman, a mighty relic from a legendary wizard. But by the way, he will fight an ancient evil force.

PDF version: Battle for the Shambad's Talisman

Lost in the Forest of Mists

Strange events take place in the Soothsayer forest and the local druid no longer responds. Help Hallendrow lead the investigation!

PDF version: Lost in the Forest of Mists

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  1. I read your Flash Fantasy adventures, and must say - I am very impressed and I'm waiting for ep. 3!