Wednesday, January 24, 2018

New content !: playing the team solo (faster)

Playing with a whole party in only 5 minutes. Impossible? 

If you're like me, you're pretty busy. Solo gaming takes times and it's quasi impossible for me to play it with a regular games. So, this is the first part of my new ultra light game to dungeonnering in 5 minutes max.


To success, roll a d6 equal or under your stat
1 is always a succes, 6 is always a fail


Each character have only 2 stats:
* Fight: Ability to fight
* Save: Everything else (dodging, jumping, mind resist...)
Characters have only 1 HP. A failed roll means death (or near death). This character can't act anymore. It can be regenrated with spell or heal potion. If the whole party is death, you've lost

Example of characters
* Barbarian : Fight 5 Save 3
* Thief: Fight 4 Save 4
* Mage: Fight 3 Save 3


When you encounter a trap, choose only one character. This character must roll equal or under his save ability.
Ex: You encounter a pit trap. I choose the thief (save 4). I roll 5 = the thief is dead. Now, I choose the mage (save 3) and I roll 2 = the whole party have passed the trap.


Enemies have 3 stats: Defense, Save, and HP
Example of enemies
Band of gobelins: Defense 0 Save 3 HP 1


Every turn, choose only one character for the melee phase
Roll D6 and compare to Fight-Defense
If you roll under or equal, your character won this turn. Reduce enemy life by 1. At 0 enemy is dead
If you roll higher, your character is dead.

Example of fight
Party: barbarian (F5 S3) thief(F4 S4) mage (F2 S3)
Enemy: Band of gobelins: D0 S3 HP1
First turn, I choose the barbarian for the melee's phase. I have to roll under or equal 5 (5-0). Roll 6 = miss. The barbarian is dead. Second turn, I choose the thief. I have to roll under or equal 4. I roll 3. Gobelin


Warhammer battle has the system we need. Consider that magic is unstable. So, in each room roll a D6. It's the pool of the magic user.
To be more fun, every magic user has his own deep pool, a reserve that he can add to the result. But there is no regeneration of this reserve until the end of the adventure.
For example, the mage has a reserve of 3
Spells are cast before melee phase.
Example of spells
Magic missile: 3MP the target must save or lose 1hp
Weakness: 2MP the target must save or lose 1 Defense point. 
Cloud of smoke: 2MP: you can flee without saving

The priest case
In order to be illogic like first d&d, divine magic works differently. Priest has the ability to regenerate a character 1 time by adventure.
Other ability: the legendary turning undead. Undead must save or lose 1 HP

Complete example of fight

Party: Barabarian (F5 S3) Thief(f4 S4) Mage (F3 S3)
Enemy: gobelin Squad (D1 S3 HP2)

Magic's phase
Mage roll his magic pool: d6=4 (+his reserve 3) = 7
He cast a magic missile (7-3 = 4 points left on the pool). Gobelin Squad roll for save: 6 = fail. Lose 1HP
Melee's phase
The warrior is selected for melee phase. 5 (warrior fight) - 1 (gobelin Squad Defense) = 4. The warrior roll 5 = fail. The warrior is dead.

Second round.

Magic's phase
Mage use 2 points to cast weakness (4-2=2 points left). Gobelin Squad save: 1= success. The spell is not effective.

The thief have a heal potion. He uses it on the barbarian.

Melee's phase
The healed barbarian is selected to take his revenge on melee's phase.
5-1=4. He rolls 2 = success!
Gobelin Squad lose another HP. 0 HP left, the party have won.

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