Tuesday, September 18, 2018

SAALT#2: The Isolated Island

This is the second scenario in the series Short Adventure At Lunch Time. This time, the adventurers will wake up on a desert island and have to get to safety in a hurry. The adventure can be played independently, but was originally designed to follow the events described in SAALT#1: Everybody wants the ring!

The adventure is quite linear but allows time to improvise drama scenes. You will finally know the secret of the strength of Rodrick Steelfist, the legendary pirate. After that, I don't think your adventurers want to get his ring back again. I tried to be original!

Artworks are for the most part free resources found on the net in CC0 or CC4,  some of which I have redrawn. I would once again recommend the work of LadyofHats who has done a very good job and left it in the public domain. 

Download pdf version:  SAALT#2 The Isolated Island.pdf

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