Friday, June 12, 2020

A Little Reading - The Return of Zaltec gamebook

A little reading to pass the time, The Return of Zaltec is a homemade gamebook in the line of fighting fantasy gamebook.

It's a totally amateur work, but so refreshing! And I love it. The drawings are sketched, the text is handwritten, just like we could have done when we were at school. The document is about 50 pages long and the author even thought of writing a walkthrough. The text is aerated and easy to read.

The story is quite simple. It is about a prophecy, a guy named Zaltec who was going to be a hero and it ended up going wrong. The game system is a mix of fighting fantasy and escape game.

The fighting system is similar to fighting fantasy: the player and the monster throw 2d6+bonus and the stronger one inflicts damage to the opponent. However, magic/weapons/armor adds a little more variety than traditional gamebooks.

Finally, the book is visual puzzle oriented. Unlike fighting fantasy, there is not much text, but a lot of visual puzzles. In the description, the author indicates that it is an escape game.

Take a look at it, it's something to watch out for.

Unfortunately the work is anonymous. No signature, no link to any site. I hope the author will get good feedback and not get discouraged. For the following publications, I hope that the author will improve his formatting, for example by redoing his drawings in black ink and importing his texts in Word.

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  1. Thanks for reviewing the book! :)
    The author actually uploaded a remastered version, where the drawings are colored and cleaned up a bit, and the text is typed. (You can contact him on Reddit, and he might send you a free copy of the remastered book.