Friday, July 13, 2018

Mini solo rpg notebooks A6

For small sessions of solo rpg everywhere and even without connection, here are the mini adventure notebooks A6!

Pierre Gavard-Colenny recently had the idea of publishing solo adventure notebooks. The particularity of these superb artefacts is to reproduce at the bottom of the page the inspirations found on his Muses&Oracles maps. The solo player can start writing his story and refers directly to the footer to find his inspiration.
These notebooks have a professional design and are available on drivethrugrpg. You can find more information here

In a much more crafty way, I decided to create my own solo rpg notebooks. The basic idea was to be able to play anywhere mini sessions with an integrated oracle. For that, I opted for a format A6, easily transportable in the pocket of trousers and big enough to be able to write a little text.

These solo rpg notebooks are made with images from and randomized by an Excel/VBA program. For the moment, the file is in the experimental stage. Once I have written a procedure that is easily understood by the uninitiated, I will share the workbook. In the expectation, do not hesitate to send me your feedback in the comments area

But for now, I offer you 5 different versions of the mini adventure notebooks solo format A6.
Solo Rpg Notebook v1
Solo Rpg Notebook v2
Solo Rpg Notebook v3
Solo Rpg Notebook v4
Solo Rpg Notebook v5

Below, the folding tutorial

Fold the sheet in 2

Fold again in 2 to get the A6

Insert the two sheets into each other

Staple as you can

And here's the result!


  1. A simple and excellent idea! Thank you. With this I shall be able to concoct numerous adventures to fill the void between games with friends. Again, I thank you!

  2. OH! Also, one could, swap the "inner" pages among the notebooks available, generating new adventures all together! SWEET!