Monday, July 30, 2018

SAALT#1: Everyone wants the ring! A micro solo adventure to play at lunch time

Hey dear reader, I'm starting a new category of solo rpg: Short Adventures At Lunch Time (SAALT). This small booklet of 9 pages in A5 format (mobile friendly) contains micro situation from 3 to 5 scenes to play during your break times. In this first solo scenario, I suggest you tell the adventures of a group in search of a magic ring in a temple - but each adventurer has different motivations! The end is open, the rich context allows to follow quickly on a sequel.

Lately, I've been playing a lot of solo sessions during my breaks. I could test my solo A6 notebook presented in my previous post. I must admit that these sessions have brought out a very unexpected way to play solo rpg:

  • my play is divided into multiple sessions in time
  • sessions are very short
  • sessions can take place at any time, in the car, during meals, even during work reunions! jgilmour, the author of pocket dungeons was talking about "stealth-game" or "ninja-game", and I like this concept. You play when no one realizes it.
  • each session focuses on a very specific phase of the action

I want you to share this way of playing and that's why I created the concept of Short adventures at Lunch Time. Take a micro situation, a precise focus and solve it in 3 to 5 action or meeting scenes. The end of the script is open and inspiring.

For the moment, I do not deliver rules, there is enough system, from the simplest to the complex, for everyone to do something with.

Do not hesitate to share your impressions with me.

SAALT#1 : Everybody wants the ring! pdf

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  1. Cool beans, will have to add that to my lunch time reading/playing queue. :-)

  2. Neat idea and an interesting adventure! I look forward to seeing more of these.

  3. I am not fond of short adventures. Though your motivation, generosity, and initiative are appreciated.

    I hope the hurdles of sales, publishing & marketing are nothing which will slow you down.